Self-defence for women course starting 19 April

self-defence for women

There were just over a million violent attacks on strangers in the UK last year – a frightening 120 every hour. Around 21% of these took place in pubs and a further 34% in town centres, fuelled by alcohol. That’s why we’d say it’s prudent for every woman who ventures out on a Saturday night to be streetwise when she has something to drink and know how to defend herself – not least our daughters heading off to uni in autumn. So we’ve arranged for self-defence experts Dr Caroline Wilkins and Rod Walton to run a six-week Be Your Own Bodyguard self-defence for women course at The Hub.


Self-defence for women course

Starting on 19 April, the course is for anyone (aged 18 and over) and will cover:

  • Situational assessment and awareness
  • Planning a safer night out
  • Avoiding rape and sexual assault
  • Basic skills – movement and blocking
  • Using your elbows, knees, hands and feet
  • Making an attacker back off
  • Breakaway tactics
  • Defending lapel or chest grabs
  • Sexual assault defences
  • Simple knife defence
  • Self-defence and the law
  • Personal safety and safeguarding

Plus there will be plenty of opportunity to learn to grow in self-confidence and assertiveness in public settings. The course is taught with the belief that people learn better when they are having fun, that no one should be made to look silly and that each person should be encouraged to compete only with themselves and become the best they can be.

The instructors, from Guardian Personal Protection (, are Dr Caroline Wilkins and former police officer and chief police officer safety instructor Rod Walton. Rod has served 25 years as a police officer in London and has been involved in the policing of many terrorist events. He holds black belts in taiho jutsu, spirit combat and advanced grade in aikido, and taught the police handcuffing and baton systems as well as self-defence. He is also the creator of the ketsugo self-defence system, which draws on his experience of many martial arts and practical street-based self-defence. Caroline trained in judo, ju jitsu, karate do shotokai, aikido and ketsugo and holds a BTEC Level 3 self-defence instructor qualification.

Both Rod and Caroline are passionate about teaching self-defence and martial arts. They can be spotted training out in the wilds of the New Forest every day and very much look forward to sharing their experience and love of the subject with students on their self-defence for women course. Their love of the martial arts and self-defence is contagious! They believe that anyone can be made safer with a bit of training – and the more training the better.


Dates: 19 & 26 April, 10, 17 & 24 May, 7 June, 7.30-9pm

Cost: £120.



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