Restorative yoga with yoga nidra

Claudia Bailey's bolstersJoin Lexi Dranidi each Thursday evening for a totally restorative yoga class – one and a half hours of meditative healing on a mat. With its slow and mindful pace, restorative yoga allows the body to deeply relax, recuperate and heal itself. Just what you need to escape the chaos of daily life, undoing the stresses we all have. This class will culminate in a cosy and nurturing yoga nidra which will take you into a deep yogic ‘sleep’.


Date: every Thursday 5.30-7pm, starting on 9 January

Cost: £12, payable direct to Lexi on the night

Booking is advised, via our booking system (below). Please bring a small pillow and a blanket with you for your own comfort

Lexi is also offering holistic fusion massage (90 minutes) before and after her Thursday evening restorative yoga classes, either 3.30-5pm or 7.30-9pm. To book head here



Lexi Dranidi, offering restorative yoga and holistic massageLexi Dranidi is a yoga teacher and holistic massage therapist with a profound interest in alternative therapies and the numerous physical and psychological benefits of yoga. Having recently also trained in qigong, she is a firm believer that rediscovering that connection between the body and the mind is the key to overcoming any obstacle in life and living it to its full potential. For several years she has been manager of a yoga, pilates and fitness holiday centre in Greece.