Aware you have a busy life and need some precious ‘me’ time, but find it tough to let go and stop?

Finding an area of your life stressful and need some help to deal with it better?

Want some extra strength and resilience so life’s less of a slog?

How beneficial would some relaxation tools and techniques be to you?

… and how would that affect your life, family, colleagues…?

Shelley Edwards’ half-day Saturday workshop gives you the space to rejuvenate and feel empowered – then take that new energy with you wherever you go!


Shelley Edwards is a qualified NLP life coach, corporate and executive coach, trainer, yoga teacher, Thai yoga masseuse and well-being radio producer/presenter with a passion for helping people to help themselves. In her relaxation, rejuvenation and resilience workshop you will:

  • Understand stress facts, your symptoms and your stress triggers
  • Increase your awareness of choosing to manage your stress levels
  • Know the benefits of de-stressing and relaxation
  • Learn a breathing technique that de-stresses and calms you
  • Explore an area of your life where there is an element of stress and be coached to move yourself forward and out of stress which will improve your resilience
  • Use the relaxation techniques on your own

This is your investment in your health and well-being for 2020


Date: Saturday 25 January, 1-4pm

Cost: £50 (down from £90!). A non-refundable £20 deposit is required, with the balance payable on the day

Refreshments are provided