Our Mother’s Day gift voucher

At a loss for Mother’s Day ideas? Bored of flowers and chocolates for her Mother’s Day pressie? Bet she is too! Then why not show your appreciation of your long-suffering, greatly loved mother with a Mother’s Day gift voucher from The Natural Health Hub – something she’ll remember and cherish far more, we’re sure, than wilting red roses or waist-expanding candies… 

She can use the voucher to buy any one of the numerous services and natural gifts and toiletries we have on offer here at The Natural Health Hub. Choose from:

  • Pampering treats: select one of our luxury aaaaahhhh treatments… a restful massage perhaps, or  restorative reiki balance or deluxe essential oils facial.
  • Deluxe natural products: from body washes, to essential oil candles, to deeply nourishing skincare, to our lovely bath and shower range, all our toiletries are specially chosen because they’re not only free from harmful chemicals and toxins, they’re also yummy, fragrant and a real treat. Something she can luxuriate in for months to come
  • A de-stressing escape: she could try yogic relaxation with breathing, chanting and yoga nidra to float off the mat restored and rejuvenated; or cosy Friday nights yin to kick off the weekend in a peaceful, calm frame of mind; or a sound bath to reach depths of healing relaxation she’s never experienced before.
  • A boost for the mind: from acupuncture to hypnotherapy to homeopathy, we’ve got something for everyone to counter and resolve emotional conflict, strains or stresses and give everyone a bit more emotional oomph. Perhaps she’d be up for a spring clean of all her cares with a mind massage (it’s a bit like clearing out your cupboards, but for the mind)? Explore our therapies page for a full list of options.
  • A gift for the body: a yoga class or course maybe, or qigong (chi kung) to get those limbs moving’ and shakin’, or acupuncture for pain or inflammation.
  • Or something for mind, body and soul! If your mum’s ready for a top-down relook at life, then why not point her in the direction of life retuning to unlearn learnt behaviours; or polarity therapy to enable her to achieve the peak of energy, mental clarity and physical health; or mindfulness to give her the tools to savour every moment right then in the moment. She may gain a whole new lease of vitality and happiness in life.

Just some of the many yummy possibilities if you buy your mum a Mother’s Day gift voucher at The Hub

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