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What your food cravings are really telling you… and what to do to stop them

We’ve all been there, when a certain food item, flavour or sensation is all you can think about. But why do we get cravings and are they signs of something else underlying? As a naturopathic nutritionist, I believe we need to tune into and connect to our bodies and listen to all the little messages it (…)

Euphrasia, panacea for hayfever eyes

The homeopathic remedy euphrasia (made from a plant commonly known as eyebright) is a fabulous all-rounder for any eye problems, from hayfever to eye strain to conjunctivitis. Take tablets, or a few drops of tincture neat or in water are the homeopathic equivalent of Optrex. Euphrasia is a top remedy (although by no means the only (…)

nurturing nails

Toxin-free nail polishes

So you avoid eating ready-made food, preservatives and additives… you don’t like taking drugs… you shun weedkillers and chemicals in your garden. Yet you never think twice about coating your toenails in nail varnish. Think again. Nail polish typically contains a cocktail of chemicals that were actually quite a shocker to us when we discovered (…)

woman deeply relaxed in a reiki treatment

My experience of reiki: in one hour I went from apoplectic rage to inner peace and perspective

First there was an intense heaviness and darkness around my head, then a warm glow and swirling clockwise flow, and all of a sudden I saw a flood of intense pinky-purple. At last my body sank into the couch and I relaxed for the first time that week… The brain churning over. I had arrived (…)

Stretch goodbye to pain with yoga

When you see a pose like the one in the picture, you’d be forgiven for thinking you have to be in the peak of fitness and super-flexible to practise yoga. Quite the opposite… A study published in January reveals that yoga is better than any other form of exercise for back pain. Researchers analysed the (…)

Yoga benefits children’s well-being and helps them sleep better

A Nottingham University study has proved that yoga can help the psychological well-being of children in care. After undertaking a 20-week yoga programme in three children’s homes in the Midlands, researchers found that regular classes, especially when participation was good, encouraged togetherness and mutuality and improved health and psychological outcomes. All the children reported positive social and meaningful benefits, including feeling more open and (…)

Proof that homeopathy works for hayfever

Homeopath Sue Leach specialises in the treatment of hay fever here at The Hub. She aims not just to reduce your symptoms, but to stop you suffering from your hayfever altogether. Hayfever is one of the best-researched areas that proves homeopathy works. A study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet in 1986, by Dr David (…)

Calendula, the homeopathic antiseptic

Made from the marigold plant, calendula is an essential homeopathic first-aid remedy to have in your bathroom cabinet, suitcase, handbag or car. It is the homeopathic antiseptic, suitable for treating any wound or injury to the skin: not only does it take away local pain and reduce inflammation, it can be used to cleanse those (…)

On the fence about trying yoga…? Feeling apprehensive about starting classes? Here are 10 tips from Hannah, including… you’re allowed to fart!

If you’re thinking of trying yoga for the first time and you’re feeling a bit apprehensive, have a read through my top tips to help feel a little more prepared. Everyone is a beginner at some point so each person in your class will have felt the same way you do! If you’re on the (…)

Meet the team: Shelley on life powered by yoga

I got into yoga 16 years ago after my husband said ‘I have a mate at work who teaches yoga, shall we give it a go?’ Well, I was a complete gym fanatic who had what could be construed as a rather full-on obsession and routine for the gym. I never missed my sessions and I (…)

Listen to your gut feeling: it could be why you’re feeling so het up…

Ever heard your gut referred to as your ‘second brain’? Well, it’s true – get the delicate balance of the bacteria that live in your stomach right and you may well feel a whole lot better emotionally. Scientists are increasingly studying the link between mind and stomach (known as the microbiota-gut-brain axis) and coming to (…)

Meet the team: Hannah on life in an ashram

It was 5am when I arrived at the AyurYoga Eco Ashram, India. Tired, groggy and disoriented from my long journey, suddenly my excitement turned to anxiety. It didn’t help arriving in the pitch black, the sun yet to make an appearance, to quiet that voice in my head asking if this was the right thing (…)

Young girl sneezing with hay fever allergy to a bunch of flowers

Reduce hayfever suffering with desensitising remedies

If you’re one of the 13 million hayfever sufferers in this country the bad news is global warming is making your life even more miserable. Grass pollen, the culprit for 95 per cent of hayfever symptoms, is on the increase. With warmer weather, grass gets going so much earlier, grows at a faster rate and (…)

arnica, the homeopathic remedy

Arnica: the homeopathic panacea

Arnica is the remedy that first brings many people to homeopathy. So many parents swear by it for reducing golf-ball bruises on their kids’ knees within minutes. Made from the leopard’s bane plant, it’s the number one remedy for accidents and emergencies – no household should be without it! Carry it in your handbag… store (…)

Why homeopathy makes so much sense for children

  Homeopathy is a safe, natural system of healing It’s safe to take, right from birth It’s non-toxic, non-addictive and has no side effects Children who regularly visit a homeopath make fewer visits to their GP Homeopathy not only helps the ailment being treated, it also builds up a child’s immune system for later life (…)

Is it safe to give echinacea to children?

In 2012 the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MRHA) issued advice not to give the herb echinacea to under-12s due to a risk of allergies. Please ignore this: echinacea is top-class for immunity for people of all ages! The herbal medicines industry is agreed that this directive was over-cautious and scaremongering. According to Vogel, (…)

Beat that hangover – naturally!

Forget over-the-counter hangover cures – there are plenty of ways to beat a hangover without taking onboard yet more chemicals. Here are our suggestions using natural supplements, herbs, fruit and veg… Milk thistle A herb with a good traditional track record in supporting liver function, milk thistle contains silymarin and silybin, active ingredients that help (…)

Soothe winter ears and sinuses

At this time of year many of us get bunged up in the ear and sinus department, with ear problems particularly rife among children. Ear candling is a lovely relaxing decongestant – perfect not only for declogging ears but also a great way to relieve stress. The ear candles are hollow tubes made of cotton, (…)

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Homeopathic remedy for flu

Osceillococcinum: our flu zapper Oscillococcocinum, also known as anas bar, is excellent for nipping flu in the bud – take it at the first telltale signs and you can stop the virus in its tracks. Discovered in the 1930s, this remedy’s success is well documented – take it (in the 200c potency) at the first (…)

Feeling SAD? Reach for Vitamin D

Is this time of year like pushing a boulder up a mountain? Dark mornings and winter gloom and you’d rather hibernate? If you feel so low in winter that you really can’t get out from under the duvet every morning, then you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Symptoms include feeling miserable, drained, (…)