moon meditation

Join Lexi Dranidi for our ceremony to welcome in the new moon… the first of 2020. Your space to set your intentions for the year ahead in a three-hour Sunday gathering. The new moon represents new beginnings. And what could be more poignant and significant than blessing the first new moon of not only a new year but also a new decade

INTENTION             VISION             BLESSING

This magical phase of the lunar cycle provides an opportunity to reset: invoke your vision of new goals and desires, and manifest new intentions. Whatever your future plans, now is the time to set them in motion.

Our lovely gathering will celebrate the new moon with:

  • a new moon ceremony, to bless the moon in Aquarius, cleanse away all vestiges of the last year and welcome in the new. The new moon in Aquarius is all about innovation, realising goals and getting things done.
  • visualisation to shed doubts, let go and set your intentions for 2020
  • meditative movement, to physically cast away any blockages to setting your new intentions and goals
  • and chanting and breath work to consolidate your manifestations


Lexi Dranidi is a yoga teacher and holistic massage therapist with a profound interest in alternative therapies and the numerous physical and psychological benefits of yoga. Having recently also trained in qigong, she is a firm believer that rediscovering that connection between the body and the mind is the key to overcoming any obstacle in life and living it to its full potential. For several years she has been manager of a yoga, pilates and fitness holiday centre in Greece.

Date: Sunday 26 January, 10am-1pm

Cost: £40, payable in advance