Releasing pain with polarity therapy

Jane Seaman describes how releasing pain with polarity therapy could enable you to have a whole new lease of life, get fresh energy – possibly even make some big changes or kickstart a new life

Pain is insidious. It can take over your life. Physical pain clouds your emotions, emotional pain eventually manifests somewhere physically in our bodies. Either way it will holding you back in life.

How many times have you said to yourself that you’re lacking motivation, feeling lost and don’t have enough energy to enjoy life to its fullest? You’re not alone. For so many of us the stress and anxieties of daily life have built up, and before we know it they start to affect us physically, emotionally as well as mentally.

Finding the source of pain, or your blocks

Take my client Ann as an example: for years she had been suffering with illnesses as well as chronic back pain to the point where she had become withdrawn and isolated. She no longer felt she had the energy to participate in her much-loved activities and hobbies, so had lost touch with friends. The final straw came when she then began to lose her passion and interest in her business which had become stagnant and stressful – to the point that when she came to me she was on the verge of giving it all up.

As a polarity therapist it is my role to look at the whole story to see where the pain or the blocks are coming from. It is true in all of us that our physical and emotional issues will affect us mentally, and it is here that we started to build a picture and realise how Ann’s history was now affecting her future.

Having suffered physical pain for so long Ann was exhausted and defeated. I needed to work on her body to release the tension in her physical self before I could start on her emotional and mental needs. Over the nearly 20 years I have been working with clients I have come to know that until your body is feeling less stressed and pain-free you can’t begin to unravel the other elements – and for Ann that priority was to bring back the passion and zest for life, and to change her negatives to positive.

Rewiring your energy with polarity therapy

Polarity therapy works on the theory of finding the balance between negative and positive – that is where we find the space to address the challenges we face either in work or life. By listening and interpreting someone’s words, as well as using physical techniques such as acupressure, reflexology, cranial sacral, muscles-releasing techniques and structural realignment to name but a few, a polarity therapist is able to reflow and refocus the energies away from the negative and towards the positive in our search for balance.

By freeing those forces our thoughts become clearer, pain lessens (or disappears) and we can find ourselves thinking differently and opening up to new interpretations or solutions. For Ann this was when she recognised the underlying issues that had caused her to fall out of love with her work and hold her back from enjoying her much-loved activities.

Today Ann is a different person: she is vibrant and chats away happily, she is pain-free in her body and even her posture has changed. By clearing her negativity and refocusing her energy she has engaged with her life and work again. It is only now that she recognises how her own physical health was mirroring her emotional and mental health, and by taking control of herself physically and emotionally and learning to listen and understand what her body is telling her she could then apply the energy she needed into building a happy and positive future.

Polarity therapy programme

Do you need to kickstart your path to health and well-being? Jane runs a three-part polarity therapy programme to rid people of pain and get them on the journey towards better health, relationships and work (£165 for three one-hour appointments). Read here how Jane has helped people like you kick pain to kickstart their lives.


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