Hypnotherapy to quit smoking: it’s more effective than nicotine patches

hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Today is National No Smoking Day and, if like 70 per cent of smokers you would like to kick your addiction, then today’s the day to take action. A stunning 86 per cent of smokers have tried to break the habit but failed, yet evidence shows that people having hypnotherapy to quit smoking not only succeed more often, their success rates are way better than using nicotine replacement patches and will-power. 

A University of Iowa study of 6,000 smokers found that hypnosis was three times more successful than nicotine replacement therapy and 15 times more effective than will-power alone in helping people to give up smoking. A clinical trial at the University of Washington School of Medicine, published in 2001, showed a 90.6% success rate in patients using hypnotherapy to quit smoking, with cessation lasting for six months to three years plus. Hypnosis patients were twice more likely to remain smoke-free than those employing other methods for quitting smoking, according to a report in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship in 2005.

The way that hypnotherapy to quit smoking works is that the hypnotherapist guides you into a trance-like state in which you might be encouraged to imagine unpleasant associations to do with smoking. These could be, for instance, that cigarette smoke smells like truck exhaust or that it leaves you with a parched mouth or bad breath. Through exploring these unpleasant associations in the unconscious mind the smoker gains an aversion to the habit.

Our hypnotherapist combines hypnosis with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). This technique enables you identify and work on changing your behaviour patterns on a conscious level. You might, for example, have certain social or work situations that trigger a desire to have a cigarette, and knowing your triggers can help you reverse them.

Helen Clarke, our hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner, works on Thursday afternoons at The Hub. A hypnotherapy consultation costs £60 for 60 minutes. To book, click here

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