Homeopathy Awareness Week: 10-16 April

Homeopathy awareness week
It’s Homeopathy Awareness Week this week… please help us spread the word!
Did you know that across the world homeopathy is the second most used line of treatment for medical ailments, used by over 200 million folk every year?
  • In the UK 12% of the population (that’s nearly 8 million people) already know that homeopathy works
  • Homeopathy is part of the NHS in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, India and Brazil
  • In India 100 million people depend solely on homeopathy for their medical care
  • In France 56% of the population use homeopathy
  • 100 million EU citizens use over-the counter or prescribed homeopathic medicines
That means homeopathy works for over 200 million people each year!
For more information go to www.homeopathyawarenessweek.com
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