NLP coach shows you how to get off your butt and do it

Shelley EdwardsToo much to do, too little time… never let that be an excuse again. NLP coach Shelley Edwards – we call her Mrs Motivator! – guides you through an ace way to make yourself get off your butt and do those things you’re always putting off doing or find hard to face. This exercise, which she calls the circle of concern vs the circle of influence, is something you can call upon again and again when you hit that brick wall of overwhelm.

Join Shelley from the comfort of your own home and try this simple yet effective mind organisation and calming exercise to help you feel better about yourself, your day, your week, your life anything it might be…

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Watch by clicking the link below:

Shelley is a qualified NLP coach and weight loss coach/mentor. Her work is all about empowering people, enriching their lives and helping them achieve their absolute potential. She is passionate about life coaching and helping people make a difference to their lives and achieve success – a natural coach, trainer and mentor, she delivers with enthusiasm and drive whatever she does. That’s why we call her Mrs Motivator…

NLP coaching teaches you to run your mind, and stop your mind running you! This form of coaching helps you to help yourself in being, having and doing what you wish and living your best life. Using NLP exercises and tools works by opening you up to new ways of thinking and getting from Point A to Point B. Limiting beliefs stop us achieving and moving forward, and by helping to remove those blockages NLP fires up new neuro pathways of helpful and empowering beliefs that ultimately lead to a better life! It is all about being at your best more often.



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