Proud to be supporting Friends of Ray of Hope

Friends of Ray of Hope

Friends of Ray of Hope is a small charity, established in 2007 by a Milford-on-Sea couple, whose fundraising and on-the-ground work in the township of Namuwongo, Kampala, has enabled many children and women to escape the poverty, disease and harsh conditions (not least the open sewers) of the slum community. Due to generous donations, every penny of which goes to the project, they are able to provide the following:

Education It is impossible to escape poverty if you live in the slum unless you receive education. Although primary education is free in Uganda, the cost of uniform and books puts it beyond the reach of slum families. The Ray of Hope school is currently enabling 140+ street children to gain an education, also giving them a daily meal that they would otherwise not eat.

Womens empowerment The Friends of Ray of Hope women’s empowerment programme helps women, many of whom have been raped and abandoned, to receive training, coaching and counselling. This enables them to put food on the table, gain a sense of belonging, love and appreciation, and learn skills to start micro-businesses.

Counselling Three social workers supported by Friends of Ray of Hope provide counselling for the children and women under their programme, many of whom have been traumatised by the brutality of slum life.

Community and medical outreach The school offers medical help to the project’s family and the community. Once a term Friends of Ray of Hope workers distribute food to 50 of the most vulnerable families in the community. Relief baskets contain maize, meal flour, beans, cooking oil and soap, and have helped the HIV positive people who at times fail to adhere to their medical regimen because of lack of food.

The Hub will be holding events to fundraise for Friends of Ray of Hope and give you updates on work beingcarried out in Uganda. Help yourself to their literature. One-off contributions or direct debit donations are welcome online at or via this literature. And we welcome small donations of your loose change– it all adds up!