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hip openers

Yoga workshops: no1, focusing on hip openers. 27 April

In the first of Shelley Edwards’ special two-hour Friday yoga workshops she will be focusing on hip opening asanas (positions). Tight hips are a symptom of our desk-bound modern life. Plus we store a lot of emotional stuff in our hips! Why not come and join Shelley to release and refresh for the weekend… In Shelley’s…

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Vinyasa flow yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga workshop focusing on core and arm strength – part II. 28 April

Anna Harling‘s Saturday vinyasa flow yoga workshop is part II of her hip openers, arm balances and inversions. Could this be the time you perfect your crow!? Our vinyasa yoga workshop will be a flowing and fun class focusing on core and arm strength. Starting with a fun flow to warm up and build energy, we…

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being a rock

Being a Rock: how to listen, really listen. Workshop 1 May

Learn the skill of listening – truly listening – to your partner, friends and family so they feel you’re there for them and they are heard and supported. A workshop on being a rock to those you love, with Mandy Preece, founder of Being Rock Have you ever wanted to know how to respond to your children…

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The gut-brain connection! 2 May

Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, agitated or unable to cope… Confusion, concentration problems and brain fug… Bad mood and feeling low and unmotivated… How we feel is not, it turns out, dictated just by our brains. In her free talk Dinah Smith explains how our mental health is ruled by the bacteria in our gut – and how…

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Yogic relaxation

Yogic relaxation: a de-stress blend of breath work, chanting & yoga nidra. 3 May

For this monthly yogic relaxation class you will be using a mixture of yogic breath work, chanting and relaxing yoga nidra to de-stress and revitalise your mind, body and soul. The class is led by yoga instructor Hannah Bimpson, to allow you to surrender to the practice without having to worry about what to do…

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Sound bath

Relax, release and revitalise in a healing sound bath with Sonja. 8 May

Lie back and bathe in the lovely sounds of Sonja Gundry’s sound bath. Deeply relaxing, releasing and revitalising, sound therapy is proven to help with stress, anxiety, pain and a whole lot more by putting you into a delicious deep state of relaxation.  We listen to music to cheer ourselves up, we’re moved to tears…

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Death Café

Our Death Café: an opportunity to talk to others about death and dying. 10 May

Tracey Underhill-Law invites you to our Death Café, a monthly opportunity to meet up, have some cake and tea, and chat informally with others about death Death is everybody’s business The notion of hosting Death Cafés started some years ago and has blossomed into a worldwide movement of gatherings: At a Death Café people, often…

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relaxation yoga

Cosy Friday nights yin: relaxing yoga. 11 May

Do you collapse into the weekend feeling frazzled and worn out, or find it impossible to wind down on Friday night after all the stress of the week? Well, we’ve got the solution for you: our cosy Friday nights yin yoga is all about relaxing yoga and winding down to leave you calm, tranquil and…

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