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If you have to cancel an event please give at least 24 hours’ notice or you will still have to pay the event fee. Likewise, if you fail to attend an event you will be charged.

Woman sitting cross-legged in meditation

Our wind down to the weekend Friday meditation

We have recently started a lovely guided meditation class here at The Hub – something we wanted right from our launch just over a year ago. Our polarity therapist Jane Seaman will facilitate this weekly meditation on Friday evenings to set you up for a calm, relaxed, grounded weekend. The intention of the meditation is…

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Pilates class

Weekly pilates classes on Monday

Ever since we opened I’ve been wanting to get pilates up and running at The Hub. Now at last we’ve found a great teacher, Jenny Strehlau, who will be starting classes on Mondays. Everyone welcome, whether you’re a diehard pilates fan or you’ve never tried it but always wanted to. Dates: Mondays 10.30-11.30am Cost: £10,…

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qigong class

Movement, relaxation and meditation

Activate and move stagnant energy in your body and mind to find balance and harmony within and without! A fun new class from our polarity therapist Jane Seaman As a polarity therapist and teacher, I help people find balance and health in their lives. As part of this therapy we use movement, relaxation and meditation…

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Yoga for beginners class

Introduction to yoga course. Starts 21 May

For complete beginners or those coming back to yoga after many years, Hannah Bimpson’s short course (5 weekly evening classes) will slowly introduce you to traditional hatha yoga. As everyone will be a beginner the class will move at a gentle pace, with verbal and hands-on adjustment cues to guide you. A safe and comfortable…

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Highly sensitive mother and daughter walking down a lane

Parenting your highly sensitive child. 1 June

A workshop enabling parents to understand their Highly Sensitive child from a life coach who is Highly Sensitive herself with two Highly Sensitive daughters Do you have a child who… thinks deeply about things becomes easily overwhelmed can be caring towards others feels things intensely and is bothered by things like seams in socks, scratchy…

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Breathing techniques for relaxation: nostril breathing

Yogic relaxation. 6 June

For this monthly yogic relaxation workshop you will be using a mixture of yogic breath work, chanting and yoga nidra to de-stress and revitalise your mind, body and soul. The class is led by yoga instructor Hannah Bimpson, to allow you to surrender to the practice without having to worry about what to do next.…

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women's hands in a circle around a heart

Women’s sharing circle. Friday 7 June

Join Cathy Hoar for The Hub’s new monthly women’s sharing circle, an opportunity to meet other women, share and be listened to and heard. We come together in the spirit of authenticity, taking down the masks and being together in a way that nurtures the heart and nourishes the soul! We begin the evening with a short kundalini…

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Himalayan sound bowls

Sound bath with Sonja Gundry. 11 June

Deliciously relaxing, releasing and revitalising,  Sonja Gundry‘s sound bath will clear your mind, soothe away your cares, melt anxieties and give you much needed inner glow and renewed purpose! Sound therapy is proven to reduce our levels of the stress hormone cortisol, balance our sodium and potassium levels, ease pain and inflammation, and put you into a state…

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