online meditation, breathwork and relaxation first thing in the morning

How about starting your day with half an hour of meditation, breathwork and relaxation?

Join our yoga teacher and NLP practitioner Shelley Edwards for her 4-week morning meditation course online.

Wednesdays 5, 12, 19 and 26 August at 7.30am

Set yourself up for the day with guided breathing techniques, meditation and yoga nidra. Yogic breathing techniques such as kapalbhati and ujayyi give you the perfect foundation to go calmly, positively and productively into your day.

The course is on a donation basis (anything from £1 to £20 for all 4 sessions) and Shelley will donate 25% to the RSPCA. The charity is asking for donations, including to foster animals, as they are short-staffed.

All you need is a comfy place to sit, a blanket, candle and cuppa for afterwards! Just roll out of bed and into Zoom with Shelley. Book your place by email: