Cosy Friday nights yin: relaxing yoga. 6 April

relaxing yoga

Do you collapse into the weekend feeling frazzled and worn out, or find it impossible to wind down on Friday night after all the stress of the week? Well, we’ve got the solution for you: our cosy Friday nights yin yoga is all about relaxing yoga and winding down to leave you calm, tranquil and collected so you can actually enjoy Saturday and Sunday

Nathalie Kealy‘s cosy Friday nights yin are just that: literally the perfect way to wind down from your week and relax into enjoying the weekend ahead. A candle-lit yin yoga session with relaxation and cosiness its number one aim, it’s designed to work on certain meridian lines (energy channels coursing through our body, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) to help you let go and relax.

Nathalie’s style of teaching, yin yoga, is all about improving your mental well-being. A yoga instructor and mental well-being practitioner, her business, Value Your Mind, focuses on using natural ways to support people in reducing stress and finding ease within the mind.

Suitable for: everyone!

Date: Friday 6 April, 7-8.30pm

Cost: £15

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