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Girl doing yoga wearing lots of bangles
Teenage boy in lotus position amid chaos of laptop, coffee cups and school work

Teens' yoga




  • Guest yoga teacher Jo Studdert-Kennedy

Cost: £8 per class

Class times

  • Sundays 6-7pm once a month. For forthcoming dates see our Events page

Our monthly yoga for teenagers is on a Sunday evening to set you up in the perfect frame of mind to take on school and whatever the week ahead holds in store for you…!

The class is for teenagers aged 11 to 18 and is run by Jo Studdert-Kennedy who is a qualified TeenYoga teacher with experience of teaching yoga and mindfulness to children and young people in mental health services. Jo is passionate about the benefits of sharing mindful yoga with teenagers to give them a lifelong tool they can use to manage stress and to feel good about their bodies. Our yoga for teenagers classes at The Hub are small (maximum 8) so lots of chance for fun and bonding with everyone else…

You do not need any experience of yoga, meditation or any other relaxation techniques – and mats are provided here at The Hub. So just bring yourself and learn as you go. Equally, if you are an experienced yogi, Jo will adapt the class to your pace as well.

Yoga is superb in so many respects for all ages, but particularly for teenagers. Physically it helps with flexibility and keeps you fit and supple. Emotionally it is deeply relaxing, reducing stress and anxiety, calming a busy mind and building confidence. Perfect to get you through the pressure of school, exams and the changes you go through during the teenage years. So many young people say it gives them pride in their bodies – and the way they look!

Cost: £8. To secure your place it is advisable to book (you don't have to pay now in advance, simply pay Jo on the night)

Suitable for: all levels of fitness and experience


Teens’ yoga