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Red Tent

Practitioner: Kristina Turner

When: close to new moon each month, on the following Sundays – 29 March, 3 May, 24 May, 28 June, 20 September, 18 October, 15 November, 13 December

Cost: £40

To book: head to the Events page and find this month's Red Tent


The Red Tent is a women’s movement that has arisen all over the world where women meet in circle around the time of the new moon each month. It has sprung out of the understanding that our womb wisdom, all that we know and understand as a result of living in a cyclical body, has been suppressed and denied.

The Red Tent honours the menstrual cycle and the cosmic cycles that resonate with it, particularly the moon. It treasures the wisdom of those women who have ceased cycling and celebrates the young women who have just started.

Women have a deep need for authentic connection with each other, and the Red Tent creates a safe space where your voice can be heard without giving advice or being set 'right'. This is your space, where you are invited to rest and connect with your own deepest knowing.

What you can expect from a typical circle:

  • Short meditation to connect with the body
  • A brief introduction to the Red Tent
  • Sharing circle where you’re invited to speak your truth (or remain silent if you prefer)
  • Ceremonial element, such as connecting with your female blood line, making a lunar calendar or releasing what no longer serves you – we follow the themes of the seasons
  • Astrological forecast for the next month

All women welcome.

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