Pregnancy yoga

Instructor: Shelley Edwards

Cost: £12

A space to meet other women on their life-changing journey through pregnancy

Our pregnancy yoga classes not only strengthen the body in preparation for labour, they also connect you with your baby. Calming and relaxing, they promote mindfulness and awareness of how your body is changing on a daily basis. The breathwork we use is powerful and will assist labour, calming your nerves, opening the chest and improving the circulation of blood in both mother and baby.

You will learn relaxation techniques to take away with you to use during your pregnancy, birth and beyond. Shelley will make sure you have a comfortable relaxation at the end of classes, taking you into a deep space of letting go!


Benefits of pregnancy yoga

  • increases your energy
  • alleviates nausea and morning sickness
  • reduces fatigue
  • keeps you fit while being sensitive to the baby and you
  • decreases anxiety
  • strengthens birthing muscles and the pelvic floor
  • empowers you to have a conscious birth experience
  • promotes a healthy birth
  • speeds recovery after the birth
  • improves sleep
  • reduces backache
  • improves circulation


Suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis. This is not a course – you can dip in and out of classes from week to week throughout your pregnancy. All we ask is that you commit to four classes, payable in advance, then just come whenever you wish.


A note from your yoga teacher, Shelley

There are conflicting views about when you can practise yoga in pregnancy, with some practitioners advocating that you should delay until 14 weeks pregnant. However, I am happy to take (and have taken) women through all stages of their pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga requires certain adaptations to conventional asanas (postures) and there are some yogic breathing techniques that are not suitable in pregnancy. I have years of experience of making these adaptations for women at every point of pregnancy, tailoring my classes to each individual and their wishes and needs. However, if you are unsure you may wish to consult your GP to ensure that yoga is suitable for you.



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