Moon meditation


Practitioner: Ambre Pzt

Cost: £12 if paid in advance, £15 on the door. For moon meditation dates go to our Events page

Amber holds two moon meditations each month, one at the new moon and one at the full moon. Living in harmony with the moon and its phases aligns ourselves to the rhythms of nature’s cycles, and the moon is closely aligned to feminine energy so celebrating its power particularly powerful for us women.


NEW MOON MEDITATION including a clear quartz herbal tea ceremony

As the beginning of the lunar cycle the new moon symbolises rebirth, change, refocusing, cleansing and regeneration. It’s the time we shut off from the external world to reset and set new intentions. The class starts with a short herbal tea ceremony created by Ambre especially for the new moon night. This clear quartz new moon tea clears the mind to facilitate focusing on our goals and helps the body to cleanse and regenerate before starting the guided meditation into the new moon energy.


FULL MOON MEDITATION including an amethyst herbal tea ceremony

As the peak of the lunar cycle the full moon symbolises gratitude, fertility, creativity, joy and action. It’s the time of the month we take time for ourselves to cultivate a joyful attitude of gratefulness. The moon meditation class starts with a short herbal tea ceremony created by Ambre especially for the full moon night. This amethyst full Mmoon tea eases the relaxation, well-being, receptivity and connection with the moon before starting the guided meditation into the full moon energy.


Why meditate to the moon? Ambre Pzt explains…

‘I have always been fascinated and attracted by the moon. I am amazed by the beauty of her light, the metronomic dances of her cycles, from the total darkness of the new moon to the radiant power of the full moon. Everything around and inside us reflects this celestial choreography. The moon cycles reflect our human nature, mirror our emotional and physiological cycles, and spur our regenerative abilities. As a holistic health practitioner I find it natural to follow/flow with the lunar cycles to cultivate the subtle alchemy of our inner harmony such as the emotional, physiological, biochemical and psychological balances.’

Ambre is also passionate about how the lunar cycle is linked to women’s hormonal system – tuning into the moon can enhance your feminine energy.