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Foundation yoga

Foundation yoga


Cost: £10 per class, bulk buy offers are available for some classes

Class times

  • Monday 5.45-6.45pm
Based on the principles of hatha yoga, foundation yoga is just that: postures that create the foundation of your yoga practice. This class is perfect for those who want to strengthen their core yoga practice, those who are new to yoga or returning after a long time off and those who fancy the idea of yoga but haven't a clue what it involves. With the instructor giving plenty of alignment cues and corrections, you will feel your yoga practice growing stronger each week.
We will work on physically strengthening our bodies but also strengthening the mind with the use of pranayama(breathing techniques) and meditation/relaxation.
Suitable for: beginners and anyone wanting to consolidate their practice. As physically demanding as you wish to make it – it will be your choice each week to work more physically or mentally.
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