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Hatha yoga is one of the traditional forms of yoga practice, from which other types have originated. Using a combination of asanas (poses) and controlled breathing, it is as physically demanding (or not) as you make it. Classes start with sun salutations (surya namaskars) and finish with savasana relaxation.

Our instructors offering online classes

Hannah is offering:

  • hatha yoga classes live from The Hub on Mondays 9am and Wednesdays 6pm. £6.

Contact Hannah on 07714 581721 to book.

Shelley is offering:

  • Live classes on Mondays 6.45pm and Fridays 10.45am or 6.15pm. 4 classes for £28.
  • A bundle of 6 videos of classes for £48. These are a mix of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and more which you can download and do any time over and over again. Email us on [email protected] to buy.
  • 6 written yoga/relaxation classes to download and keep for ever for £24.

Email us on [email protected] to book or buy any of these.