Change your whole outlook on life for the positive


We share some of the feedback Lis Horwich has received for her Life Retuning treatment. Not only can it reduce stress and anxiety, it can lift depression, neutralise old hurts and long-held emotions, and change your whole outlook on life for the positive


Stress and anxiety diminished

‘While suffering from a recurrent episode of anxiety and depression I was introduced to Life Retuning by Lis Horwich. I had little knowledge of this process but, unwilling to embark on another round of medication, I was curious to experience it. As a non-talking, non-invasive therapy the practitioner gently investigates to identify the cause and help clear the problem.

‘I have had three sessions, and several days after each I experienced strong emotional upset but perceive these in a positive light, like a clearing or release – where previously I had felt so overwhelmed by issues, now I feel able to look them in the eye dispassionately. This is a great relief; the stress and anxiety has diminished and I am feeling so much more positive. Thank you, Lis, for your care.’


Past hurt and pain seems light rather than heavy – they carry no more resonance

Session 1 ‘Since 2014 I have worked very hard to improve my mental health and understand myself better. What that has meant is a tumultuous few years as I work my way through the ‘infrastructure of my life’ with my realising that every single decision came from a dysfunctional start in life.

‘I am open-minded so I was delighted to hear that Lis Horwich was offering Life Retuning. In fact, I had heard good things about it from a friend so, yippee, here I come.

‘Well, it’s been one day only and it’s early days (of course) but I left the retuning session so much more positive and happy. In fact, knowing that my auras and chakras that had ‘housed’ issues had been freed after just one session made me feel relieved as I have no wish to hang on to negative past-life traumas that affect my day-to-day life.  I loved the experience so much and today when I felt my mind turn to a negative issue I immediately remembered the technique and next thing I know I am back in the building.

On a personal level, Lis is lovely and warm and never makes you feel foolish and misguided.

Session 2 ‘It was my second Life Retuning session today to address my depression. I can only say this. Lis, what have you done to me?  Honestly, what have you done? I feel like a new woman.  I am lifted and I am light. I cannot feel down if I try. And trust me, I never deliberately try.  Honestly, I am so impressed, I feel so much better knowing that my issues have been cleared – issues that I should have addressed so long ago but of course we don’t, we live with them and carry them around with us like a secret sack of potatoes, ultimately affecting our mental well-being.

‘I have had so many treatments over the years to address my past life which has resulted in anxiety and depression. This is the first treatment where results have been instant and frankly, miraculous.

I cannot wait for the third session.  Thank you, Lis.’

Session 3 ‘Having had my third session of life retuning I am convinced this therapy is like no other. All the hurt and pain experienced from traumas associated with life events seem light as opposed to heavy. They carry no resonance with my current life but now can be viewed as simply experiences making one richer for them. What does not break you makes you stronger. I look forward to continuing with this therapy for my best mental health. I cannot thank Lis enough.’


Calmly in control rather than an anxious scaredy cat

‘I didn’t know what to expect when I turned up to my first Life Retuning session. I just knew that I felt so bad with the black cloud of depression that I was desperate for help and tried the treatment with an open mind. From the client’s point of view there is very little effort involved. Just mirror the touch points over parts of the body (energy centres) and repeat certain words or phrases. I was amazed at the fast pace of the treatment. I felt like I had electrical currents through my body. A couple of hours after my treatment I felt exhausted. I went to bed early and slept right through the night. That week I experienced no anxiety or depression (after feeling suicidal the previous week) and had a new feeling of optimism.

‘During the second session the treatment felt less alien to me and I was now more familiar with the touch points and words and phrases. I lost concentration a couple of times and my mind wandered while I touched and spoke. I was concerned this would affect my ‘results’ but it didn’t appear to have any detrimental effect. I was surprised that very little information or conversation was required between practitioner and client. Lis simply asked me to identify any specific traumatic experiences at various ages in my past.


‘I warmed to Lis immediately, I found her professional yet personable. Lis has a very pleasing manner. I decided to keep an open mind regarding the treatment and this was made easy by her straightforward approach and clear delivery. I found the treatment fascinating, easy to follow and logical with just a sprinkle of magic. Lis’s readings seemed to tie in with my past experiences accurately.


‘By the third session the tapping no longer felt strange or the words and phrases contrived. I was now familiar with all the touch points, tapping points and phrases to repeat. Lis was able to tie in my past negative experiences just by reading my responses. I was given personal affirmations which I wrote out and put up at home. Reciting these felt forced and contrived initially, but the more I repeated them the more they gradually became real and then genuine sources of inspiration.


‘After the three treatment sessions I find myself able to react calmly to altercations, challenges and difficult people. I felt calmly in control rather than being an anxious scaredy cat. I currently feel normal (a big thing for me) and the anxiety and darkness have lifted. When I think of the future it seems fine which is amazing as it used to feel bleak and scary.


Entirely different attitude to my life and not looking back

‘I believe I have been changing and “clearing” – despite the horrendous week I had last week, where I literally hit rock bottom, I have since come out on the other side of it feeling more positive with a fight in me. I am wondering if the work you did has had a delayed effect because now I feel like I have an entirely different attitude to my life and am not looking back, but actually living in the now and looking forward positively.’


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