We now have weekly qigong! Come and join us on Thursday mornings

Since we opened people have been clamouring for a weekly qigong (chi kung) class – so here you go, we’ve persuaded acupuncturist and experienced practitioner Tracey Underhill-Law to introduce them on Thursdays, 10.15-11.15pm. Practised throughout China by everyone from monks to the public – Sunday mornings, you’ll see huge gatherings of people in parks – for three…

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Qigong Sunday: exploring the Metal and Wood Elements for creative clarity. Nov 19

In this month’s qigong/chi kung workshop Clara Apollo facilitates working with the Metal and Wood elements, to bring you clarity and creativity  Continuing with breath as a key into meditation practice, we explore the Metal and Wood elements with Qigong/chi kung movements and meditations along the meridian lines of the lungs, large intestine and liver. Taking…

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