Woman Code by Alisa Vitti

Our book of the month for March is Woman Code by Alisa Vitti, recommended by our yoga teacher and bolster designer/maker Claudia Davies @studioknoga

This book is a game changer, ladies. I’m telling you the younger you or your loved ones are when you access this knowledge regarding understanding your own body and hormonal cycles the better you’ll be. It’s a must read for anyone suffering with hormones, periods, skin issues, digestion, anxiety etc etc… think endocrine system!⁠ Plus it dispels all that fear-mongering out there around fertility.

‘For you to live at your most vibrant level at any stage, you have to feed yourself the things that nurture and protect what makes you uniquely female — your hormones,’ Alisa Vitti⁠, HHC, AADP. Alisa is a functional nutrition and women’s hormone expert, the founder of modern hormone healthcare company FLO Living and creator of MyFLO, the number 1 paid-for period app on iTunes and the first and only period tracking and cycle syncing app.⁠

Check out her TED talk with obviously over a million views if you want a deeper look into Alisa’s energy… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vKRj9yV8pI



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