acupuncture for pain relief

The beauty of Balance Method acupuncture is it can provide instant pain relief. Unlike other forms of acupuncture, which focus on the point of the body suffering the pain, Balance Method acupuncture treats meridian lines, or energy channels coursing through your arms and legs. An added bonus is that means you can be treated fully clothed. Richard Newman explains the theory behind this advanced form of acupuncture for pain relief.


It is a common misconception that acupuncture should be given to the affected area of a patient’s disease. This concept of ‘local’ treatment is actually less effective and misses the magic of acupuncture theory. The body possesses a complex system of connections, primarily made of nerves and blood vessels. Acupuncture uses its meridian system to describe the functional organisation of these connections to help relieve pain and improve bodily functions. As the founder of Balance Method acupuncture, Dr Tan, famously tells his students, ‘The switch is not on the light’, meaning that the local area is not the ideal location for treatment.

The Balance Method uses powerful ‘distal’ acupuncture points on the arms and legs to treat all aspects of the body. Balance Method acupuncture is unique in its ability to obtain instantaneous results for pain. After insertion of the needles most patients can immediately feel a decrease in pain level and improved range of motion.

Another advantage of these distal point locations is their accessibility without the need to remove the patient’s clothing.

The points used during Balance Method acupuncture treatments are considered to be the most powerful points on each meridian, according to classical Chinese theory. These locations were originally detailed in the oldest known Chinese medical text: The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic. Their use also highlights Dr Tan’s ‘light switch’ example: put the switch in an accessible place, like on the wall beside the door (in acupuncture terms: the arms and legs).

Richard Newman is available for acupuncture appointments at The Hub on Mondays. Treatment lasts one hour and costs £45



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