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Declutter your life: our four-week challenge!

Clutter is bad for you… it saps your energy, wastes your time and makes for extra stress in life. Polarity therapist Jane Seaman explains how and offers you help in achieving balance in your life in the form of a four-week challenge to declutter your environment and your head I was in the Army many years…

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Writing your New Year resolutions

Objective > Gameplan > Execution

Rod Davis knows a thing or two about motivating people. As well as being a world-class sailor himself he has coached many sailors to Olympic success. Here are his thoughts on how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals: it doesn’t matter if you want to be get to the Olympics, shed a few kilos, or…

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Key to New Year resolutions

The key to turning New Year resolutions into reality

New Year is a time for reflection. You may be feeling remorse after too much indulgence over Christmas. You may want to put 2018 well and truly behind you. You are probably thinking about New Year resolutions to improve your life, set goals or achieve an aspiration. Here are 10 steps to turning those resolutions…

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Homeopathy for ear infections

Antibiotics don’t work for ear infections

Homeopath Sue Leach explains how homeopathy is more effective at treating ear infections than conventional medicine One of the top reasons children come to see me as a homeopath is repeated ear infections. Sometimes children have had up to 10 rounds of antibiotics by the time they are two; yet, as parents come to realise,…

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Soak away the stress

Soak away the stress

We all get over-charged mentally, emotionally and physically over the festive season, says polarity therapist Jane Seaman. ‘A great way you can recharge yourself from all that frenetic energy,’ she advises, ‘is to have a soak in bath salts: 20 minutes is the most beneficial time, allowing you to feel calm, at peace and centred…

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Happy healthy family

Inflammation: why you need to keep it in check

Inflammation is in many ways the body’s best friend. It is your system’s essential protective response, to help eliminate chemical toxins or foreign invaders, or to repair your body after physical injury. It also helps prepare you for battles, hence why you may get a sore thoat and swollen glands when you’re confronted not only…

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Homeopathic remedies for colds and flu

Natural remedies for colds & flu

If you’re looking for something natural to give the family for colds and flu, then think no further than homeopathy. There are numerous homeopathic remedies you can take to help beat the symptoms of colds and flu – not just masking symptoms, but really helping you get better. And they come with no side-effects Adults suffer an…

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Woman juggling Christmas jobs

Have a happy homeopathic Christmas

The Hub’s homeopath Sue Leach offers some tips on homeopathic remedies to help with the Christmas juggling, whether that’s too much to do in too little time, kids hyper with excitement, or one too many during Christmas lunch… Sue wishes you a happy homeopathic Christmas There’s a certain inevitability about Christmas. The lights have been…

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Christmas food

Our Christmas survival guide!

The Hub’s naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple offers six nutritional tips to help you get through the indulgence of Christmas, from supplements to take to counteract a rich diet, to taking care of your detox organs, to suggestions for a little something to ease the system the morning after the night before… 1. Morning after the night before juice Fuzzy…

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Woman with cold and mucus looking miserable

Why am I so snotty? Emotional causes

Our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple explains how mucus is not always due to physical causes. All too often if someone is constantly mucousy or feels congested a lot of the time, it can be put down to emotional reasons. For physical issues that can lead to mucus click here, read on for emotional issues… Whenever someone asks…

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