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foot reflexology chart

Reflexology: a whole lot more than just foot massage!

People always come out totally chilled out after reflexology with Tracey or Rhi. Clearly one of the most relaxing therapies we offer at The Hub, it’s actually a whole lot more than just foot massage… Check out on the reflexology chart where areas of the body correspond to areas of the feet and you can…

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Probiotic strains in gut

Choosing the right probiotic strains

One acidophilus is not equal to another acidophilus. Increasing evidence proves that choosing the right probiotic is all about finding the right STRAIN of friendly bacteria rather than a generic type of probiotic. Here’s the lowdown on how to choose the right probiotic strains. The only probiotics worth taking are those that contain live bacteria. The range…

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Reduce stress

Blow a raspberry to stress

Ever put your tongue in neutral? It’s a simple way to blow a raspberry to stress – literally disengaging your head from your brain chatter. Practise it any time to reduce stress I learned this technique in a training session when I was doing my diploma in coaching and I have shared it with hundreds of people…

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The Drama Triangle: woman cross with husband

Take the drama out of your relationships

Hubbie gets in from work, dinner’s overdone and he lets rip to his wife. She’s ‘always’ burning food, he shouts. She retaliates with a ‘yeah but’ – can’t he see their son’s upset and needing some help with a fall-out with a friend at school? He comes back with something like ‘You’re for ever pandering to…

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pretty water bottles with crystals to infuse water

Water bottles with crystals to infuse water

Bewater bottles… be inspired! be empowered! be revitalised! Your body needs water to survive and thrive. Drinking the right amount is essential for good health, with every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needing water to work properly. Good hydration boosts your energy and immunity, strengthens your skin and hair, flushes toxins from your…

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Suitcases packed ready for holiday

Travel sickness and diarrhoea

It’s not what anybody wants to think about really before they fly off for two weeks’ relaxation. But sickness and diarrhoea can be a holiday wrecker. So here are a few homeopathic remedies for travel sickness and diarrhoea – they take up a minuscule space in your suitcase, yet pack immense relief if food poisoning,…

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Mats and bolsters on yoga retreat

10 reasons to take our yoga retreat

On Sunday 16 September we are holding a one-day relax and rejuvenate yoga retreat. This will involve some yoga, some meditation, some goal setting, lots of relaxation and a sound bath – most importantly, it will be an opportunity to withdraw from life… and recalibrate. Time for you. Good time to do it: September, after…

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Kid with suitcase at airport

Probiotic for travelling abroad

Off on holiday somewhere you think you might have a spot of bother with your stomach? We advise that you go armed with our probiotic for travelling abroad. When eating and drinking differently in unfamiliar environments it’s all too common to experience stomach upsets, often caused by an upset of the body’s natural gut flora.…

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Counting sheep

Mindfulness meditation for sleep

So you’re having difficulty sleeping? Trouble is, if that goes on night after night, then bedtime becomes a ‘try harder’ trial: you lie there awake and when sleep doesn’t happen you get in a tiz. Forget counting sheep. Your head gets cluttered with those gibbering thoughts… It’s happening again; if I don’t fall asleep soon…

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glass of cold water

How much to drink in this heatwave?

Do you know how much to drink when it’s hot? A lot more than most of us think, it turns out. A leading surgeon at Southampton General Hospital recommends that in this heatwave people ought to be downing three litres of water a day – yet he’s found hardly anyone drinks that amount. He says…

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