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Stress fight and flight

Are you stuck in fight or flight?

Find it impossible to relax? Feeling overwhelmed? Stress is one of the most disruptive ‘states of being’ to our mental, emotional and physical health. Whereas our ancestors struggled for survival, today we’ve got so many continual complex pressures – time, money, technology and a thousand other tensions – that society has created. And if we’re not…

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2 pairs of BAM bamboo socks

Look after your feet with bamboo socks

Good foot health is obviously particularly important through winter to prevent athlete’s foot and other problems – and wearing the right socks is vital. We recommend bamboo socks, particularly if you are diabetic, have Raynaud’s or other circulatory problems, or are prone to fungal infections and nails. Here are some tips on choosing the right…

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Stop yourself going down with flu this winter

Arm yourself for winter: we recommend that every household should stock up with oscillococcinum, the homeopathic flu prevention Last year was a bumper year for flu, with records numbers of people suffering. It was the worst flu season in almost two decades. Part of the reason flu has managed to hit so badly is that the…

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woman doing pranayama or alternative nostril breathing

Nadi shodhana: alternate nostril breathing

Hannah Bimpson‘s yogic relaxation classes are a monthly highlight at The Hub: an opportunity for us all to take time out and share 75 minutes of complete and utter forget-the-outside-world relaxation. One of the elements in that class that people most appreciate is Hannah’s help with breath work (pranayama), when she shares her knowledge of…

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boosting your immunity

Preparing your body and mind for winter

Morning mists, a chill and damp in the air, leaves mellowing red and yellow… autumn is upon us. And with the mists rolls in a different kind of energy. After the expansive energy of summer the colder months offer an opportunity to restore, reflect and re-nourish ourselves. Our polarity therapist Jane Seaman offers her thoughts on…

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maca energy balls in a bowl

Maca energy balls to give yourself a boost

These delicious crunchy cacao and maca energy balls that Rhi Hepple, our naturopathic nutritionist, made for Hannah’s yoga retreat last weekend went down a treat with the yogis. So we persuaded her to share the recipe. The energy balls contain maca root powder which is a wonderful adaptogenic tonic that supports our adrenals and is…

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Woman with hands over her stomach craving a healthy bowel

The 5Rs to a healthy bowel

Autumn is a natural time to take stock. The perfect time to do a mind/body MOT and set yourself a goal to get yourself in better shape physically or mentally – or both. And probably the single thing you can do to make the biggest difference to your health is getting your bowels in good…

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An eye in the middle of a storm

Finding peace in the eye of the storm

Polarity therapist Jane Seaman offers wise words on keeping calm when you’re feeling all discombobulated and scattered, finding peace in the eye of the storm. It’s all about the art of sometimes just being rather than always doing… Like many people I feel there is a lot going on, recently more than usual.  I put…

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Good intentions NOT to make in September

September is a time when it’s great to review and refocus. Weather cooling down, nights drawing in, kids back to school. It’s a bit like a New Year – but without all the tinsel and palaver. Yes, it’s the ideal point in the calendar for setting yourself a target to get losing weight, but hold it…

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September: time for setting new intentions

Too much ice-cream over summer? Too much rosé? Too many BBQs? Feeling sluggish in your energy, your mind, your bowels and your skin? September’s the perfect time to put some good intentions into practice to set you up for autumn and winter Refocus, rebalance and restore vitality The Hub’s naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple gives you five simple ways…

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