Since we opened people have been clamouring for a weekly qigong (chi kung) class – so here you go, we’ve persuaded acupuncturist and experienced practitioner Tracey Underhill-Law to introduce them on Thursdays, 10.15-11.15pm.

Practised throughout China by everyone from monks to the public – Sunday mornings, you’ll see huge gatherings of people in parks – for three purposes, martial, medical or meditative, qigong has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qigong (pronounced ‘chee kung’) is a lovely holistic combination of co-ordinated body postures and movements, breathing and meditative calm designed to cultivate balance and harmony in our health – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Its underlying principle is that ‘chi’ (natural energy and in-built healing) resides within each of us, and that by cultivating it regularly everybody can harness the ‘healer within’.

Gentle and flowing, it is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, and popular because ,while incorporating physical exercise and keeping you supple and flexible, it is also deeply relaxing and de-stressing.and can be very spiritual for many. People often then transfer the practice to their day-to-day life, with even just a few minutes of movements each morning being both invigorating and rejuvenating.

We love this quote from renowned doctor of Chinese medicine Dr Roger Jahnke, who has made it his life mission to advance and promote the teaching of qigong (chi kung).

‘Qigong is not exercise, it is dynamic meditation. Doing repetitions is not the focus – it is conscious application of the three intentful corrections – lengthen the spine, deepen the breath, clear the mind or visualise healing.’ 

You do not need any experience and, unlike with our tai chi classes which involve progressive learning week to week, each qigong (chi kung) class is individual and you don’t need to commit to a course or come every week. It’s £10 per class. To book click here