Plant-based vegan diet

Make Veganuary your lifetime diet with these 10 simple tips from our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple. The secret, she says, is to aim to add in plant-based foods where you can. If you focus on adding in the plants rather than eliminating other things, then you’ll soon find you will be so full and satisfied you just won’t be reaching for those cakes and biscuits – your body will be so naturally balanced and you’ll feel full of vitality


Here are Rhi Hepple‘s top 10 simple tips. Even if you start by focusing on one of these tips each week you will soon be really enriching your diet, health and lifestyle in so many ways.

Top 10 tips to maintaining a plant-based diet

  1. Go seasonal – choosing to eat what is local and in season will help to keep the variety through your diet. Also specific fruits and vegetables will naturally give added seasonal support which we can take advantage of.
    Go further: get a local produce box delivered. I’d recommend Roots and Fruits in Lymington for their weekly vegetable boxes delivered to your door on your day of choosing. Now they also supply superfood powders, dried herbs and seeds, and some cleaning products (all refillable).
  2. Start the day with hot water and fresh ginger.
    Go further: add a squeeze of lemon and a dash of apple cider vinegar.
  3. Sprinkle seeds over your morning porridge or coconut yogurt. Seeds are also delicious in salads, plus sprinkled over stir-fries, soups and rice dishes. Buy some mixed seeds (especially pumpkin, hemp, linseeds, chia seeds and sesame seeds) and mix them up in a jar and leave on the dining table to use as a daily shaker over various meals. If it’s there on the table it will remind you to use it.
    Go further: soak 1tbsp of linseeds overnight and stir through smoothies, porridge, coconut yogurt to enjoy the essential fatty acid benefit from the seeds.
  4. Stir-fries, salads and soups are a great way to bulk up on a different variety of fruit and veg.
    Go further: add a sprinkling of hemp seeds, dried seaweeds, sprouted pulses and seeds and make your own dressings for salads, roasted vegetables etc using extra herbs blended through your salad dressing.
  5. If you’re cooking rice, go for wholegrain, wild or carmague rice for added fibre and cook twice as much so you have some to mix up a rice salad the next day with added vegetables, seeds and nuts and herbs.
    Go further: soak your grains overnight to improve how you digest them. Also mix your grains to add extra variety.
  6. Add 1 or 2 extra more portions of vegetables to each meal.
    Go further: make meals plant-based only or have plant-based days.
  7. Add in a fresh smoothie or juice to your day.
    Go further: add coconut water which is rich in electrolytes. Add a superfood powder such as spirulina, moringa or maca root to add an extra nutritional boost.
  8. Ensure your snacks include some raw veg, nuts or fruit.
    Go further: make your own raw chocolate or energy balls with added raw cacao powder for its amazing antioxidant benefits.
  9. Cook with a variety of herbs and spices.
    Go further: add micro-greens topping to your meals.
  10. Choose herbal or spiced teas over regular tea.
    Go further: mix your own using dried spices and herbs. Soak the tea for longer to get even more benefit and choose dandelion root as a coffee alternative.