10 reasons to take our yoga retreat

Mats and bolsters on yoga retreat

On Sunday 16 September we are holding a one-day relax and rejuvenate yoga retreat. This will involve some yoga, some meditation, some goal setting, lots of relaxation and a sound bath – most importantly, it will be an opportunity to withdraw from life… and recalibrate. Time for you. Good time to do it: September, after summer’s over, the time of year when many of us refocus and make fresh starts. Here are some very practical reasons to make that commitment to yourself, mind, body and soul.

  1. Experience real ‘me time’
    By going on a yoga retreat you are guaranteed an environment where you’ll get peace and quiet away from the hubbub of life. So important, so much value and everyone around you benefits when you have some ‘me time’ as it impacts in a very positive way.
  2. By experiencing new things you change!
    When you are put into an unfamiliar environment you are given the opportunity for a new perspective.  This is very empowering and builds your confidence and assertiveness too
  3. You can learn something new
    So much value in that – we are always learning and we can never know it all!
  4. You’ll meet like-minded friends!
    You will be accompanied by like-minded people, potentially making friends that will last you a lifetime or just having a connection for the time you are together. It can be a little intimidating to meet new people, especially when you might be going to a retreat for healing or grief, but the fact that there are other people around you with similar fears can really help you. Having your own time is fantastic and necessary, but secluding yourself from society may be limiting your potential to see things differently, leaving you feeling stuck.
  5. Yoga is for everyone – and every body
    You don’t have to be an experienced yogi or do regular yoga at The Hub, you just need to crave some calm and relaxation just for yourself – and possibly making some changes in your life?
  6. Look around you
    By going on a yoga retreat you’re giving yourself the opportunity to explore things outside your normal day-to-day duties. By putting yourself in a new place you are totally taking yourself out of anything negative you might be feeling, giving your eyes something new to look at and your mind to focus on.
  7. Ditch the phone
    So liberating! A digital detox is not that difficult – trust us, it will do you a power of good…
  8. You can allow yourself to be FREE
    By making the choice to go on a retreat you have to learn to give control to other people and to the moment. Drop your expectations and let yourself be totally immersed in your present! A retreat acts as an escape to some degree, so allow yourself to escape.
  9. Do it for yourself, and no one else
    Be selfish, or whatever you want to call it. If you feel a certain retreat resonates with you and you can’t get it off your mind, that’s a sure sign that the universe is telling you to do it, and do what you want.
    I have been on some lovely retreats and come back so renewed and energised.
  10. Don’t be so hard on yourself
    Most importantly, this is a time for you to explore yourself so you can grow; there is no sense in setting up expectations and pressure for sudden change to happen. To change you have to be open to any possibility. Even if the changes don’t happen in this one day, know that you have planted the seeds of change simply through your willingness to take a leap of faith into unknown territory. Take what you learn and bring it home by incorporating any new practice that you felt benefited you the most. This is how change can continue to manifest.
    What do you really have to lose? Through a retreat you have the chance to devote yourself to yourself and your growth, trusting that your needs will be met. A retreat gives you the opportunity to trust your intuition, your teacher, your guide and your fellow retreaters.

Trust in yourself and the process of the journey. Click here to book now… 

Shelley Edwards, yoga teacher and life coach

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